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December Astrology News 2011

Dear Friends,

I trust that you will have joyous fulfilling holidays, appreciating your loved ones and envisioning Peace on Earth. Mark your calendar for my Predictions Salon 2012 event on Saturday January 21.


Lunar Eclipse December 2011

Kevin BaconA Lunar Eclipse on Saturday December 10 will be a watershed time for many people. These Eclipses always happen on a full Moon. When they are Lunar, we tend to be more emotional than usual. If you don't have much juice for weekend holiday parties, honor your feelings and enjoy some solitude.  During eclipses, things come to a turning point and sometimes life removes an outmoded situation. The response tends to be “Uh-oh, I'm not ready!”, so it can be uncomfortable. It is time for reviewing your belief systems, rationalizations and excuses because this eclipse is in the mental sign of Gemini. We are still in a Mercury retrograde period ( communications turned backward or inward) until December 13 so check-in with yourself on a deep level and notice ways that your motivating concepts are changing. Pay attention to new information and connections with people that come under this eclipse and for about 3 weeks afterward.

There is a special intensity to this weekend because the planet Uranus turns and moves forward on the same day as the eclipse. Often that event brings reversals of action and impulses into unexpected places. Be prepared to surprise yourself. Be open minded and play with a fresh expression of your individuality. I am expecting startling news from Iran. Everyone has an opportunity for a brand new start this winter. Only some people are activated by an eclipse, according to its connections with the placements of planets at their birth. If it does activate you, you will know it and 3 months from now (Mid- March) the changes become obvious. If circumstances seem beyond your control, remember that you have the power to choose your attitude and the actions you take in response.

With the eclipse in Gemini, the sign of words and verbal ability, it is interesting that The Artist a silent film, is getting stellar reviews and will probably be nominated for major awards. The eclipse is in the same place as Newt Gingrich's Saturn, his planet of authority. Feminine archetype planets are very prominent in this eclipse chart. It is putting him in the news, but I think it will eventually remove his credibility or leadership, maybe because of interactions with a woman.

Oh, I'm being followed by a moonshadow, moonshadow, moonshadow... Leapin and a hoppin' on a moonshadow, moonshadow, moonshadow...
And if I ever lose my hands, lose my plough, lose my land, Oh if I ever lose my hands, oh if I ever lose my hands,lose my plough, lose my land I won't have to work no more.

- Moonshadow,
Cat Stevens

Austin 2012 Predictions Salon

Saturday January 21
3:00 -5:30 pm
$35- a reservation is required.

Email astromaven@prodigy.net or call 291-8299
Location: My home in Southwest Austin
Attendance will be 12 people only

Well, here we are! It is 2012. This year will be memorable for everyone. What will it hold for us personally and for the world in general? As always my mission is to be humorous and inspiring. I will present my talk, then give brief individual divination readings to answer your personal questions. I will draw numbers for the order chosen, and we will decree that each answer will assist everyone in the group.

Please call or email to reserve your space and I will give my address for you to send a check, or REGISTER NOW with paypal here:

Laura Waldman AstrologerCall me at (512) 291-8299
or email astromaven@prodigy.net



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