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I practice Western Astrology (Tropical).

Combination Reading - In this reading, I talk to you about your birth (natal) chart and also predict ahead for 3 to 4 months.
90 minute reading - $175.

Prediction Reading- In this reading, I predict ahead for a year. This is for people who have already worked with another astrologer and have heard an interpretation of their birth chart before. If it was many years ago, I recommend you get the Combination reading.

New Client: 90 minute reading - $175.

Follow Up Client: 90 minute reading - $140.

Relationship Reading- I compare and contrast your planetary energies with another person and also interpret the chart for the relationship itself. This reading tells the whole story for romantic, business or family relationships.
90 minute reading - $175.

Geographic Reading - Using the Astrocartography and Local Space methods, I can describe the planetary energies of various locations. I look at both your birth geography and update the information with your Progressed chart. This reading requires an accurate birth time. Besides moving to another town, this information is very good for marketing or vacations.
Single Reading - $175

Couples Reading - $205

Love, Relating and Sex - The reading covers completely different material than I (and most other astrologers) usually present about love in your original birth chart (natal) reading. This is an in- depth exploration that will explain many mystifying things about the greatest mystery in life.  
1 hour reading - $115.

Spiritual Mentoring - These are ongoing weekly or bi-weekly sessions to support you in your process of empowering choices and trusting and clarifying your truth.
1 hour $95.

Astrology tutoring - We assess your level and work with your goals. I can start from zero knowl edge of astrology up to advanced methodology. Many people study astrology for years and find it helpful to have a system for chart integration to pull things together.

$75 an hour.

The information I need from you is your date of birth, location of birth, and an accurate birth time. It is worth finding a birth certificate or written record such as a baby book. If there is no clue about the birth time, I can still give you a reading, but we have to talk to rectify your time.

I record our conversation and email an mp3 sound file that you can open on a computer or your audio device. My business hours are between 10:30 am and 5:30 pm, Central Time. If you have a work schedule that would not allow you to come in or call , I can accommodate you with an early evening or weekend reading.

To make a specific appointment time it is best to call me at (512) 291-8299. Please spell out your e-mail address on voicemail. If you e-mail about an appointment, let me know which time zone you are in and include a phone number.

I accept credit cards by Paypal, or you can mail me a money order or cashier’s check when we make the appointment. If you come in person, a personal check or cash are fine.