Uranus, Mars, North Node Conjunct August 31

July 31-August 1 brings a major astrology configuration that will affect your future. The planet Uranus (awakening, disruption) joins Mars (activation, contention) and the North Node (new channels, soul growth). This triple conjunction is in the sign expression of Taurus (stability, earthiness, values, possessions).

Uranus has been in Taurus since 2018. It has brought unexpected fluctuations in financial matters, earth changes, relating to our physical bodies, and personal and cultural values. It can account for food and supply instability, and the way that loss of habitat contributes to pandemics. The shocking war in Ukraine is partly based on control of natural resources such as lithium and farmland. We already have a volcano in Japan this week.

Mars amplifies the energy, actions, and aggression. When Mars meets Uranus, astrologers advise caution about accidents, explosions, and anger. You may have internal emotional upheavals.

As the positive more skillful potential unfolds, there may be scientific innovations in agriculture and health. Around the planet people are revolting against the unequal distribution of wealth. Uranus rules community and political movements.

The presence of the North Node will intensify our desires for movement on our soul path. The problems and challenges of the past will inspire steady action to establish practical lasting solutions.

As an individual, watch for things you have put up with just to be secure becoming untenable. It may take a surprise or circumstances beyond your control to push a breakthrough. This kind of unmooring can be stressful. Kindly tend to your body and your emotions. What you have relied on for stability is changing. Don’t resist- adapt and innovate. Examine what really matters to you. What is really worth your energy, time, heart and commitment? What can you contribute to the Collective? You could explore a blast of creativity.

On August 7th the Mars in Taurus will challenge Saturn in Aquarius. Fears, worries or consequences of your enthusiasms can come to the forefront. Use this challenge for grounded evaluation, planning and implementation. You can use the maturity and discipline of Saturn to structure what your insights have revealed.

Prince Harry was born with Mars, Uranus, and the South Node together in the Sign of Sagittarius (exploration of wisdom). He is drawn to unconventional paths and broke the belief systems of his ancestry. As a young adult extreme displays of anger led him to psychotherapy. He discovered that unexpressed grief about the death of his mother, Princess Diana, was driving his rage. Now one of his many philanthropies advocates for mental health services for all strata of society.